Bio-CCS and Bio-CCUS in Climate Change Mitigation


The IEA Bioenergy Task 41 Special Project on Bio-CCS and Bio-CCU was established under the IEA Bioenergy Agreement as a cooperation with the IEA GHG R&D Programme. The purpose of the special project is to shed light on what role Bio-CCS can play in the efforts to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions and how to boost Bio-CCS and Bio-CCU initiatives in the member countries.


The main focus of the project is on the urgent challenges that Bio-CCS poses. The special project is set up in order to fully define concepts of Bio-CCS and Bio-CCU, and to define their realistic significance in the medium and long term. The intention of the special project is to justify and continue the focused work under the IEA Bioenergy agreement.

The special task consists of four specific workshops. Each workshop concentrates on a specific aspect around Bio-CC(U)S. The final outcome of the Task 41 special project is a roadmap on commercial implementation of Bio-CCS.